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Textile Machines
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ITMA ASIA+CITME 2018 will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Centre(NESS), Shanghai 26-30 October 2018. Welcome to our booth to show air splicers and aqua splicers...

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SHIJIAZHUANG LYB TEXTILE MACHINERY PARTS CORP. mainly handles with spare parts and accessories to the Textile Rotary Printing Machine(Stork, M.B.K. and Zimmar) such as Rotary Nickel Screens, Endrings D640, Color-Paste Pumps JB65-M, horizontal type matching M.B.K.2020 and vetical type matching M.B.K.2050, Magnet Rods, Conveyors(belts) to the dryer.... We are also dealing with Pin-Plates(Pin-Bars) to ARTOS, BABCOCK, BRUCKNER, MONFORTS as well as its Pin-Seats. We are exporting the Embossing Machines, and Embossed rolls on given patterns and smooth rolls. You are welcome to contact us for further details. Our email, fax and telephones are of watereau@sohu.com or 1551721987@qq.com fax/tel. to +86-311-87811183,and our mobile says +86-013780313073

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Room-Light Contact Film for Textile Printing...
JB65-M Vertical Color-Paste Pump matching with M.B.K. 2020 Printing Machine

Electromagnetic Clutch for Textile Loom

Endless Clearer Clothes for Roving Frames and Drawing Frames
Pneumatic Controlled Color-Paste Pump

Projectile Sensor for Sulzer Looms P7100, Part No.911 802 307 and for more...

Air Splicer SKN-93 equal to Mesdan Jonitair 115

SKN-100 Warpping Machine to Joint Coarse Yarn
SKN-200 Air Splicer to Joint Coarse Yarn
Heavy SGA747F Canvas Rapier Loom
JW Polyester Web Loom
TQ140 Air Permeability Belt Loom
GA727 Core Loom
GA841 Automatic Cloth Folding Machine
GA801 Cloth Inspecting Machine
GA727Q Core Rapier Loom
CXWT Special Web Loom
CXW550 Forming Web Loom
CXW1400 Paper Making Felt Base Web Loom
Rotors & Clothing Ring for Schlafhorst SE7-SE1
Rieter R1/R20, Ru11/Ru14/Ru14A, BT923
SAURER BD, D30, 320, 330, 350 380
Elitex(Investa) BD200, BDA10/20, M1/1
Savio/Orion Grooved Drum Motor 14064.1236.2/0
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Name: [seller]fayyazali
ClassName: Textile Machines
Part No./Drawing No./Series No.:
Prodution Date:
Specifications/Descriptions: Dear Sirs : We are pleased to offer you the folowing : Offer # 0817-TFO- Complete Two- for One Twisting - Unit- consisting of- 1- Hirschburger Assembly Winder- Model- PC 300, Year-1985- 24-Positions- (18) Positions with 3- Ply- ( 6) Positions with 4- Ply- 12"- Package Weight- Approx.5-kgs with Creel- with Reserve - Creel for Tail to Top- 5- Volkmann Two - for - One Twisters - Model- VTS - 06/S- (2) Year - 1985 - 112- Positions- (1) Year - 1988 - 120Positions- Pot Diameter - 230MM- Lift -350MM, Delivery-3'30'-Traverse-250MM, Location - Europe- Delivery - Immdt- ***************************************** Offer # 0230-TW- Complete Twisting - Plant- Available-subject to prior sale- 3- RITE -Assembly Winding Machines- Single - Sided- (1)Model- A.G.R./1- Year-1994- 30-Position-single sided- Monitor for 3-ply Magitex overhead cleaner- (1)Model- A.G.R, Year-1988-16-Positions-Single-Sided, Monitors for 3-ply : Monitors- One Side for 3-ply, one side for 4-ply- Magitex Overhead Cleaner- ALL MACHINES- Creel under machine, positions according to end brake monitors- Electronic end break stop(P/Spindles as above)- Electronic Meter Counter p/spindle- Tube Take up -7"- Long, 6"-Traverse(42MM I.D. of Tube)- 6- VOLKMANN Two-For-One-Twisting Machines-Model- VTS-07, Series - 4.50 & 4.80- (4)-Machines - Year - 1991- Magitex Overhead Cleaners- (1)-Machine - Year- 1987- (1)-Machine - Year- 1988- ALL - MACHINES- 132- Positions each-Waxing attachments- Deflection Rollers for Soft Winding Tailing device. All Threading, Pot Diameter-190mm- Veritable Motor-Speed, Computer(Potentiometer)Controlled- Cone Take-Up - 4-Degree. 20', 6" -Traverse- (2)Full-Sets of holders for cylinder take-up- (2)Full-Sets of holders for Cone-Take-Up of 5-degree.57'- 1- Twist - Tester - Year - 1994- LOT OF Spare-Parts- All Electricity - 380volots/3-phase/50-hz- Location - Mediterranian- Present Condition- Still in production- ******************************************************* Offer # 0817-C- 8-Trutzschler Cards- Model- DK-715, Year-1987/88- with FBK-533 Chute Feed-Can Size-30"X 1200mm. 9-Trutzschler Cards-Model- ExactaCard DK-760- Year-1993-1995- Short-Term regulation-Model-CorrectaFeed CFD- Autodoffer- Cans- 36" X 1200MM, with FBK-533 Chute-Feed- 1-Trutzschler Card- Model-DK-740/ Year-1987- CorrectaFeed, pre and past Carding-Segment with FBK-Chute-Feed- 5-Trurzschler Cards-Model- DK-715, / Year-1986- CorrectaFeed, pre and post Carding seghements,with FBK-Chute-Feed- ******************************************************* Offer # 0817-RSB/1- 14- RIETER -Draw Frames- MOdel- RSB-51/Year-1987-1989- Creels for 8-Silvers, Autoleveller- Autodoffer- **************************************** Offer #0817-OE- 11- RIETER OP Spinning Machines- Model- RI, Year-1993- 220-Spindles, 2-Piecers per machine-USTER Yarn-Clearer-UPG5, Electron, Yarn-Control, Rotor-Diam-32/40MM,Diamond-Coated- various Navel Models,OPening Rollerss for Cotton & Cotton -PES-Blends- ****************************************** Offer #0817-OE/1- 10-RIETER OE-Spinning-Machines- Model- RU 14A/1991- 144-Spindles- 2-Piecers per machines-Rotor Diam-35/48mm, **************************************** Offer #0817-OE/2- 2-RIETER OE Spinning Machines- Model-R 20/ Year-1999- 280-Rotors, Rotor-Diam- 40/32mm, Opening-Roller OB 20, 2-Piecers-Cylinderical Take-Up. Waxing, USTER - Yarn Clearer UPG5. ***************************************** Should you require any further info on above pls- feel free to contact us again. Kind regards , Fayyaz Ali ALWANI TEXTILES MACHINERY TEL : + (92-21) 491 1765 & 491 1766 CELL : + (92-300) 928 - 6586 FAX : + (92-21) 492 - 7149 WEB : www.alwanitextiles.com E-mail : alwani@super.net.pk
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Contact: ceo
Tel: 4911765/66
Company: Alwani textiles
Fax: 492-7149
Address: B-23 Bawani Foundetion,671-Jehangir road east ,khi
E-mail: alwani@super.net.pk & atm12@super.net.pk
Homepage: www.alwanitextiles.com
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